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Keddie Consulting Ltd provides advice on urban and rural economics, development, and planning to clients across the UK and overseas.

In addition, we also have specialist expertise covering the economics of clean energy and renewable technologies, and of new sustainable settlements and communities, for which we provide their essential rationale.

We appreciate the variety of means whereby such technologies can drive regional and local economic activities and multi-functional development reflecting and answering aspirations in both urban and rural environments, while respecting environmental requirements and obligations.


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Our purpose is to provide our clients with the compelling business cases and means necessary to secure successful investment and development.

Much of our work provides assessment, analysis and supporting information for applications for planning, Electricity Act (section 36 and 37), and environmental licensing (SEPA CAR) consents; and also for financial and funding applications to a variety of grant and other funding sources.

For further details please contact us at [email protected]

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